Sour Sippa’s Choice (Sours 4 Pack)


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As Mol wanted to get more involved with the webshop  and the craft beer scene as a whole, she decided to create her own beer Instagram called Sour Sippa. As she’s a lover of sour beer she is creating a monthly sour pack for you lot to enjoy! This pack will be launched on Thursday (11/02/2021), just in time for #HoppyPals

This months pack contains:

The Kernel Bier De Saison Small Damson Citra (4.9% ABV)

Brewing Projekt (WI, USA) Smoofee Passionfruit Mango Guava Northern (6% ABV)

Monk Patrons 28.02 Leimai Lemaow Cherry Cola (4.5% ABV)

Lickinghole Creek (VA, USA) Bear Bait (4% ABV)


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