Sour Sippa’s Choice Trio


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As Mol wanted to get more involved with the webshop  and the craft beer scene as a whole, she decided to create her own beer Instagram called Sour Sippa. As she’s a lover of sour beer she is embarking on a monthly sour series for you lot to enjoy! Release dates are planned around #HoppyPals, which is a place where we’re able to discuss the beers, although you do not have to wait for the meetings to drink them!

This months pack contains:

Garage Runnin’ For Mayor Barcelona Weisse w/ Raspberries 6%

The White Hag BA Beann Glban Irish Heather Sour – Barrel Aged for 2 years in Hungarian and French Oak Barrels 6.9%

Double Barrelled Brewing Billiy Don’t You Run So Fast Blackberry & Apple Crumble Sour 5.3%


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